• Solar Energy
  • Wind Energy
  • Hydro Energy

Fibon Energy is a wholly black-owned and controlled South African company focused on developing and advising on utility-scale renewable energy projects in Southern Africa.


Solar Energy

Most areas in South Africa average more than 2 500 hours of sunshine per year, and average solar-radiation levels range between 4.5 and 6.5kWh/m2 in one day. Some of the best solar irradiation potential is also located in Africa, where many countries receive an average of 325 days per year of sunlight.




Hydro Energy

Fibon Energy is in discussions with two utilities in Africa to develop two hydro power stations. Africa has the hydroelectric capability of 1 888 terawatt hours a year (TWh/yr), of which about 41% (or 774 TWh/yr) is situated in the DRC on the Congo River. Ethiopia’s Blue Nile also has potential hydroelectric capacity of 260 TWh/yr, while Cameroon has 115 TWh/yr and Madagascar has 180 TWh/yr. To put that in context, Russia’s entire renewable energy production in 2011 was estimated at 166.6 TW/y.


Wind Energy

Wind power, as an alternative to fossil fuels, is plentiful, renewable, widely distributed, clean and produces no greenhouse gas emissions during operation.The west coast of Africa has substantial wind generation capacity, where wind speeds sometimes exceed a very high 11m/s, while nations along the East African Rift hold considerable geo-thermal potential.