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South African Renewable Energy Framework

  • The South African Government initiated a process to procure 6,725 MW of renewable energy with the launch of the
    South African Renewable Energy Independent Power Producer Procurement Programme (the “REIPPP” programme)
  • Eskom will be the buyer of the power produced by successful bidders and the South African Government will
    provide support for Eskom’s payment obligations through an Implementation Agreement with DOE
  • The structure of the REIPPP program has been designed on the basis of five bid submission windows
  • The Department has successfully allocated 1,484 MW of PV to successful bidders across three of the five bidding windows
  • The Department has seen a decrease in  average tariffs offered by preferred bidders across the bidding windows.


South Africa Solar Radiation Map
  • Renewable Energy Framework in South Africa supported by Department
    of Energy, National Treasury, NERSA and Eskom
  • Sovereign guarantee provided by National Treasury to projects in the
    Renewable Energy Framework
  • Irradiation levels in South Africa (Northern Cape 2300-2400 kWh/sqm)
  • Project capacities between 50-80MW
  • Smaller IPP Program for New Generation Capacity less than 5MW per project
  • Political certainty and enforceable judicial system underpinned by the
    Constitution of RSA