Company Profile

Who We Are

Fibon Energy, founded in 2012, is your long-term energy partner. We are a South African energy company that develops clean energy solutions for commercial and industrial companies.

We are a vertically integrated finance and energy company. With our Fibon Solar PPA we finance, design and install the Solar System at your property. Our expertise lies in solutions that reduce your costs, and provide electricity day or night. Our solutions require no upfront costs from you.

We are committed to the growth and transformation of the South African economy and are proudly a Level 1 B-BBEE Contributor.

What We Do

We lower your operating costs with long-term sustainable energy solutions. Fibon designs, installs, and manages the Solar System at your property. With our Fibon Solar PPA, we own and operate the Solar System, offering an alternate to ownership and capex purchases. Fibon provides you with energy from the Solar System at a lower cost than your company is currently paying.

Grappling with intermittent power or require power at night? We integrate the Solar System with continuous gas supply or commercial battery storage. Fibon guarantees the savings we provide to you and the term of our Fibon Solar PPA is between 10 and 20 years with exit options.

Why Us

We have successfully delivered value to companies in South Africa for nearly a decade with our Fibon Solar PPA. We own, operate and maintain >R80 million of Solar Systems in provinces across South Africa.

We stand behind our word. By guaranteeing the savings to you year-on-year, we offer a risk-free solution whereby you do not need to make any capex purchases and we pay you the difference of what we don’t achieve monthly. Our service is provided entirely in-house and a large portion of our work is with repeat clients.

Our team is driven to make a meaningful, sustainable, and positive change in our world. We work with integrity and strive to make things simple.

How does Fibon’s Solar PPA work?

  1. Our Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) is an agreement between you and Fibon whereby you receive the benefits of a Solar System without the cost of purchasing and maintaining it.

  2. We install a Solar System at our cost, and ownership remains with us for the term of the agreement unless you exercise a buy-out option upon which ownership transfers to you.

  3. We operate and maintain the Solar System and insure the system so that you can focus on running your core business.

  4. We lower your electricity costs and guarantee your savings monthly.

  5. The term of the agreement is usually 20 years with an option for you to purchase the Solar System.

  6. We charge you for electricity produced by the Solar System at the Fibon tariff which is lower than your current cost (Rand per unit of electricity R/kWh)

  7. Our Fibon tariff escalates annually at a fixed percentage which is lower than the municipal escalation and allows you to make reliable Opex forecasts for your company.


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